Fourth Fridays: Teen Hack Nights

We are piloting a program in Mount Vernon (28 min) from city called “Fourth Fridays” which will be a teen hack night. Mount Vernon is on the Bronx border and only 4.5 miles deep but has one of the highest crime rates most notably involving teens and in 2011 was averaging a murder a month. Some may know that even last week the HS was on lockdown as a number of violent incidences occurred. So we are working to do our part by implementing a fun and interactive tech infused night. We will have app building stations, content creation hubs, as well as a few maker stations. I am looking to create an advisory team even if you cannot come out to volunteer (we will do need volunteers though) but to help ideate the structure of the night and the curriculum. I believe this is a starting point in helping the youth build relationships, create, and become exposed to technology from a producer standpoint. If you are interested in being a part of the team please email me at tina{at}exposurecamp{dot}org. We will be having a few google hangout planning sessions. Or you can add yourself to the voluntter form here